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Desc:18 dex. Watch the whole thing.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:japanese, juggling, Awesomeness of the Hat
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Comment count is 23
I was expecting a couple of jugglers trying to keep going while they were pummeling each other with their juggling clubs.

But this is good too.
cameraman wanted to follow that ass at first.
Well he's probably already seen the routine before. And then she comes back at the end!

18 Dex, and he's a wizard.
why can't i do awesome shit?
Something to do with the years of your life you haven't spent locked in your room precisely fondling a glass ball


Yeah, right. I suppose you're going to tell us those creatures were muppets next.

His epic gear alone gives him a plus 2 dexterity and a plus 10 awesome boost.
fuck yeah I'll give it up for Dex, this guy DOES put the rest to shame
I didn't know Japan has hippies.
David Bowie was doing this back when you were into that whole juggling with three plastic sticks thing.
That wasn't actually Bowie doing the juggling in the movie.

Banal Intercourse
That was Michael Motion and this guy is at least as good.

Still, gotta cut off one star for shitty music/video quality.

The horizontal hand at the end. Wow.
that's some crazy shit
j lzrd / swift idiot
A little on the repetitive side the whole way through.

Then his palm levitated the ball, and I forgave him.
If I was this dude, I'd invent a time machine and rule the ancient world with my awesome magic.
This pretentious fruit pile is way better than the other one, for sure. And less pretentious, since no black turtleneck.
Big Name Celebrity
I have an Asian friend who gets pissed at me every time I remind her that all other Asians are ninjas.

Then I showed her this, and she had to admit that maybe it was just that she herself was a little substandard.
Ronald McGodamn Donald.
fucking magic. drunken boxing near the end was an awesome idea after all the machine-like grace and precision before it
I feel pretty sure I could do the part from 4:55-4:57. Let me go find a ball and see how wrong I am.
love this guy
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