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Desc:More conservative wisdom from everyone's favourite teen Republican
Category:General Station
Tags:annoying, Huckabee, young yet wise
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Comment count is 16
This girl makes my brain hurt.
She is either trolling, or she is an Anne Coulter wannabe who definitely should have been aborted.

Frank Rizzo

You know that head-whipping effect they used in Jacob's Ladder?
Maggot Brain
Who feels safer?

I don't care if your Conservative or Liberal this chick is just annoying, dumb ass, bitch.
Maggon Brain, ladies and gentlemen! What an up-and-comer!

I wonder if she rehearsed this before her collection of stuffed animals before taping it.
Not sure if this would/should make it through the hopper, but Jesus Christ

The second I heard, "We need to stay in the war," my mind just instinctively said, "This is a neo-con wannabe. She's not going to have anything intelligent or useful to say."

Holy fuck are my instincts ever right.
5 stars for the pain. What kind of parents produce someone this annoying?
--[][][]--[][][]--Put this
--[][][]--[][][]--on your
--[][][]--[][][]--profile in
--[][][]--[][][]--memory of
--[][][]--[][][]--all those
--[][][]--[][][]--who died
--[][][]--[][][]--on 9/11

That's in her Youtube profile and I think it perfectly sums up the Republican Party.
Frank Rizzo
  is useless on her

Frank Rizzo
"& n b s p ;" rather

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Where's my ASCII pentagon?

I hate this broad brush painting of Democrats as anti-war liberals that she seems to allude to. Democratic presidents ok'd us entry into war for WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam debacle. Plain and simple, people don't like the Iraq war, not because they're leftist hippies, but because it's the crown jewel of the Bush administration's idiocy. Anyway, who's a right wing Republican when they're that young?????
The solid and reasoned arguments of this 14 year old girl have changed my mind.
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