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Desc:Not as tall as a motorcycle but longer.
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Aston Martin, car jump, kobe bryant
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Adham Nu'man
Sorry dude, that one made me think of this.

Frank Rizzo
viral advertising, and a failure at that.
I'm pretty sure he jumped that car you douche

Frank Rizzo
Im pretty sure you're stupid

I'm pretty sure you're fat, racist, and get paid by the hour

Frank Rizzo
Hey Im only sort-of fat, but this video still sucks so you will just have to deal with it and move on.

so stop posting crappy videos, like half naked men in leathers and shit. That crap is lame.

Sean Robinson
He didn't jump over the car, obviously. But he did jump next to the car, higher than it, for as long as it passed.

Elite athletes are actually better at shit than you or I.

I'm pretty sure that he actually jumped the car. Watch the shadow of the lamp; he's straddling it just before he jumps, and when the car is under him (:35) the shadow is pretty clearly lying across the car's door.

Still, 2 stars for nike advertisements.

One starring this because he raped that one girl
fake as fuck
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