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Desc:Keith McGuckin, near Cleveland, Ohio, displays his 'Nazi Christmas,' including a gingerbread Hitler.
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:christmas, Hitler, Nazi, Mini-Führer, Gingerbread
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Comment count is 17
He's worried about other people doing something stupid.
I have so much respect for this guy.

Not only is he one of the biggest trolls I have ever seen, but he's totally oblivious to how big a troll he is.

Bravo crazy holiday-themed artist, bravo.

PS. I would buy a gingerbread Fuhrer.
His other project is about a snowman who commits suicide with a hairdryer after everyone finds out he's gay.

There's a power outage before the snowman finishes, so he ends up as just a head.

Mmm. Delicious depravity.
Yeah, it's really surprising people try to connect the mini-fuhrer to any sort of historical personage or event. I love this guy so much.
Hey, the swastika is a buddhist symbol of peace, and he's just a guy with a funny moustache. Besides, food can't be people!

They were baked! In an oven!!! Enough said!!!!

I was going to say that, but yeah... delicious irony.

Ehh .. Nazi trolling is so passe.
And yet people continue to pitch a fit about it.

This man is a Warrior-Confectioner.
Mein Tasty Führer.
"Maybe I'm just bizarre"

You really fucking think so???
Spike Jonez
"I don't want no pitchform and torch scene out here."
Unless it's gingerbread and behind his window?
Spike Jonez
Pitchfork even.

Babies Ate My Dingo
"... garnering negative support."

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