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Desc:In a level of detail that borders on OCD
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:Simpsons, mod, quake 3
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Comment count is 17
This would be better as a TF2 map.
(because then I could play it)

Okay HL2 would also be acceptible.

While we're at it, I'd kill (you) for a a TF2 map based on the Venture compound.

oh please with the venture compound, please?

Frightening in it's OCDness, but a cool map. A Simpsons FPS would be pretty awesome I think, but obviously only if done by capable people. Seems like all the simpsons games (except maybe Hit and Run) were made by tards.
Jimmy Labatt


Jimmy Labatt
Holy shit weird; I was looking at this yesterday and thought about submitting it, but I could have sworn I had seen it on here before.
Good god, the scale even displays Homer's correct weight. Nice piece of work all around.
AHEM not unless that shotgun is weightless -5 stars

fortunately i rated it a 10

Magical Man from Happy-Land
"borders" on OCD? More like wallows in a pool full of OCD and sad.

Still entertaining
Almost lost a star because no Maggie's room
Made by someone with an entire weekend free and a baggie with four fingers of king-hell crank.

That's amazing.

Whatever, at least the dude who made this did something sweet rather than counting raisons into piles of 10,000.
more entertaining than the TV show or that horrible Simpsons Video Game AM I RIGHT PEOPLE

also, no Grampa---yeah he's senile and stuff but he could totally have an awesome WW2 arsenal

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