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Desc:Dutch insurance commercial
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:gay, adam, eve, eden
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Comment count is 8
Does this insurance guarantee that you'll have offspring? I don't get it.
5 for hot Eve.
I bet he wishes it were Adam and Steve.
Wait... Dutch insurance commercials are in English and feature American actors?
The first Dutch commercial which ever springs to mind is the "I want to fuck you in the ass!" one for language lessons. I'm guessing they're very big on speaking English there for some reason.

I think they're big on speaking everything. Every Dutch person I've met (which is like 2, maybe 3) can speak 7 languages. It really makes me feel inadequate, while I struggle even to comprehend Spanish.

What exactly has this to do with insurance?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I love the Dutch.
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