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Desc:Being a human cannonball is for wimps
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Japan, cannon, extreme sports, trebuchet
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Comment count is 17
that looks fun

it looks terrifying.

Many things are both.

It looks funerrifying.

enki don't
A girl in England broke her back doing this. They calibrate the distance with tires.
Yeah. Saw that clip. They should have calibrated with tubes rather than tires. She obviously had an air head for doing this following their test procedures and ridiculously small net.

Lesson: If it's not for a game show, don't get in the catapult.

Keep a wary eye out for midgets.
They make the best long-range ammo.

I'd like them to be screaming waaaaugh! and smashing into a wall.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I want these in CivIV.
There are enough submissions of Japanese television here where someone breaks essential bones while their co-hosts belly-laugh and/or continue to harass them that I was genuinely nervous about the outcome of this.

I hope the participants realized that if they screwed up this stunt they'd be permanently crippled before anyone with any sort of medical training would come to their aid.
Syd Midnight
I wonder if this is the old guy in England who got angry when he couldn't get a gun collectors license, so he built a huge trebuchet and charges people to trebuchet whatever they bring him. Pianos, old cars, etc.
Banal Intercourse
surprise ending: it wasn't actually japanese people doing this
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