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Desc:That was way too hard.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:punch, ouch my face
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Comment count is 19
Someone buys these guys an XBox ... they're way too bored.
They probabally took it out back and smashed it after it RROD'd on them.

Au contraire. These guys should continue to punch each other as often as possible. Then they should try some bike tricks in a mostly concrete environment. Then they should do so flaming shots. Then play the "nut kicking game". Of course they should video it all.

Whose side are you on, dr_rock?

a flaming monkey
they need to try to banana fire.

And they'll keep doing it until they come to terms with their gayness.

j lzrd / swift idiot
How much alcohol was involved in this? Because I know it was.
Alcohol does not turn you into a masochist asking to be punched full in the face.

Only stupidity does that, my friend. Only stupidity.

He punched him IN THE EYE
good thing he's got a spare...until the next night's festivities anyway

Magical Man from Happy-Land
minus a star for no slow mo
JIIIIIIIIIIIIZUS ya fhuckin' psycho!
Sounds vaguely like Cap'n Profan!ty.

Do you think the cameraman is named Donnie?
a flaming monkey
they didn't think ahead.
Godard's Drinking Problem
More funny videos, just a click away.
a-huh uhuh that was GUUUUUUUUD
what I dream about doing to every emo kid I encounter.
La Loco
What I dream about doing to every fuckin' breathing thing on the planet. That includes kittens and eskimos. Because I have emo-tions of anger.
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