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Desc:We've found deep inside of every man, there's a little boy: An Atari fan.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:Atari, 80s, wtf, have you played atari today?
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Caminante Nocturno
That guy with the controller, I don't think he's all there.
You all need to understand that Fee just bought an Atari and a shitload of games, and he's been checking the mail obsessively all week waiting for it to get here.

If I walk into the front room to find him staring in a 70s watercolor horror-rictus like in this commercial I'm going to send the damn thing back. AND HE'D BETTER BE MAN ENOUGH TO SHARE, TOO.
Lady, lady, PLEASE. Don't be an alarmist. There is no concieveable way his horror-rictus will be watercolor.

This just seems like the mock-up for the real commercial. Was there an actual commercial made?
When you give a man an Atari, he develops severe autism in seconds.

When Atari just started they couldn't afford the luxury of tweeners.
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