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Desc:Look, just call it Cargo Cult Malt Liquor, and be done with it.
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:black people, malibu, Rum
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Comment count is 11

Well, this is easily one of the more racist commercials of late.
wtf japan
Imagine if black people got off their asses and worked for a change. Ha ha! Drink Thunderbird!
Caminante Nocturno
I know someone who was deeply offended by these commercials.

Only he was white and thought the ads were mocking Americans.
Boys, boys, don't fight. We can ALL be indignant.

"Cargo Cult Malt Liquor"
Imagine if island negroes didn't all live in one shack and had cellphones from this decade. Imagine if they were sober. Oh, hilarious fantasy scenarios!
I'm not sure which is stupider. The suggestion that Carribean people just drink and laze about all day, or that for some reason they have 1980s phones hooked up to car batteries.

Maybe someday these backward savages will gain access to the magical box known as a "computer".
Not racist, perhaps offensive to Island people. I've been to the remote Bahamian island of Eluthera several times. And they are seriously easy going there. If you order something at a restaurant it'll take you two hours to get it. However they do have modern cellphones.
I like the bit at the very end where the guy getting hit by the wave tries to keep the phone dry like it's something that has value.
I would like to live there.
Personally, I could get by with an 80's phone hooked up to a car battery.
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