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Desc:Grown man dons some fake teeth and makes fun of a 12-year-old.
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:Rambo, Pruane2, Jawsus, InternetCouple, Impression
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Comment count is 11
I want to give this man money.
He could do a one man show with this.

The fucking hell?

A guy in his mid-30's decides to don fake teeth and take to the internet so he can mock a teenager?

What a stupid prick.
That's why it's funny. Not 5-star funny. He'd need to be in his 50s for it to be 5-star funny.

What kind of cowardly full grown man would mock teenagers for their own sick entertainment? And has two thumbs?


a flaming monkey
How do you know his age? To me he looks like he could be anywhere from mid twenties to early thirties, or are you guys so young and spunky that anyone over twenty looks ONE MILLION OOOOOLLLLLLDDDD OOOOOORRRRR.

Come on, a full grown man made a video maliciously making fun of a preteen boy? So fucking wrong, so fucking good.

Midnight Man
What makes it is he does such a poor job of it.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I can't tell the difference!
You have to admit, he's pretty spot-on.
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