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Desc:Leni Riefenstahl's documentary of the 11th 'Nazi' Olympic Games, produced at the behest of the IOC.
Category:Classic Movies, Sports
Tags:Olympics, germany, Nazi, movie, Leni Riefenstahl
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Part I, Highlights:
1:14-11:00 - Our Greek heritage
11:09 - Prometheus gives fire to man
12:54 - The torch relay begins
13:10 - The world
14:50 - The German Coliseum
15:33 - The rise of nations
16:11 - Greece enters first
16:48 - UK enters
17:10 - USA enters
17:20 - Austria enters
17:39 - Italy enters
17:59 - France enters
18:30 - Swiss enter
18:40 - Deutschland enters
19:19 - Adolf Hitler opens the Olympic Games
19:40 - The white doves are released
20:10 - Torch relay resumes
20:28 - The torch enters the coliseum.
21:30 - The Olympic flame is lit.
22:44 - Sun and flame combine; the games begin.
Part II, Highlights: Track and Field
23:10 - Hercules' Overture
23:25 - Stadium architectural footage
23:40 - "The Olymic Games have begun..." translated into Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish (noteworthy costume), and English at 24:25
24:40 - First event, the discus throwing, begins (Carpenter, USA)
35:09 - Pep rally
37:50 - Scores
38:10 - 100 meter dash with Jesse Owens (38:16)
38:53 - The shot!
39:04 - Owens finishes with a 10.4 second time; runs again to
41:45 - The second race
42:00 - Owens wins with a 10.3; The Star Spangled Banner
42:30 - The women's races; track continues
57:10-1:00:30 - Long jump with Owens
1:00:30 - 1500 meter run, followed by long jump
1:11:40 - Hurdles
1:22:05 - Final lap (long distance endurance races)
1:40:28 - The Marathon
1:52:00 - Marathon awards ceremony
1:52:50 - Festival of lights
The Nazi Olympics are pretty grand
I saw this whole thing once at a theater presentation of Riefenstahl's works which also included "THe Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl" which is a marvelous, although long, documentary.

Anyway....this is amazing. It's really a shame her talent came along during this age.
Maybe now they will let users post Triumph of the Will. Keeps falling out of the Hopper despite being voted up...

Of course I can see just -why- but its a pity.
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