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Desc:all the chicks he does walk bow legged
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:lover, haters, spikebravo, demon wenches
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Comment count is 15
WARNING TO ALL CHICKS: Just hearing the voice of spikebravo will make you pregnant.
It is simply a fact. Like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west... or the fact that a peanut is not a nut but in fact a LEGUME... it is a fact that I am a great lover...
This is a sneak preview of the 2012 apocalypse opening ceremony, isn't it?
This guy is fucking amazing. How does this happen? How did he get to that age ?

"And to those of harsh and perverse spirit who dare to question my ability, and my nature as a lover and a being of love, to them, they shall be the first among many to be burnt up in the flames.. of my love."

.................... is he threatening to rape the haters?
"Like the fact that water ... will dissolve anything in time. Except gold." I
He sounds a hell of lot like David Sedaris (but gayer)
The Townleybomb
I was thinking more the guy from King Missle (but with Down's syndrome).

5 stars for "two pieces of meat slapping and sliding against each other". Five more for the audible drool during "each and every inch of flesh that she has".

Rodents of Unusual Size
I think he sounds like Bubsy the Squirrel.

Thanks, Townleybomb. I knew I heard it somewhere before.

It works better if you imagine this as a voice suddenly coming form behind you while you're busy doing something at work, but you're too terrified to turn around.
Dinky Patterson
All the chicks he does demand payment upfront.
asian hick
I remain utterly convinced this is Syd Midnight.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Syd has more style. He could take this script, edit it for his own dialect, vernacular, and smoothness of tongue, and make it work, if given a day or two.

Also, Spikebravo is the best PoE-Red exhibit that has never been there. Would that fall under PoE-Red's YouTube forum?

King of Balls
What is that picture? The cast of Charmed?
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