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Desc:Godzilla vs Smog Monster/Hedorah song
Category:Classic Movies, Nature & Places
Tags:Godzilla, Japan, hippies, Smog Monster, fish head
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Comment count is 8
I'm going to have to dock my sixth star because the clip cuts off a second before the slime covered kitten appears, but still: amazing movie.
I love Godzilla...

But I hate everything about this movie.
Caminante Nocturno
"Oh my God, the upstairs toilet is backing up!"
Godard's Drinking Problem
Wow - the extended cut of "Midnight Cowboy" is really strange.
It's a really catchy song.
Billy Buttsex
"Save the earth! Save the earth!"

Then she went out and made a baby she didn't take care of.
So... the Deep Ones discovered discordant disco music? Is that what I'm seeing here?
King of Balls
Pretty sure that guy finished his drink twice in a row there.

I forgot about the dancing skeletons, too. How have I made it without this film in my life these past two decades?
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