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Desc:Safe for work, if you're employed in an abattoir .
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:banned, Gore, lullaby, Dead Space, Ultra violence
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Comment count is 10
Aliens + Event Horizon + gore + "scary" lullaby = ONE STAR
Aliens + Event Horizon + gore + "scary" lullaby = FOUR STARS

(Aliens + Event Horizon + gore + "scary" lullaby - COCKS)/(DICKS + FAGGOTS) = THREE STARS

Melee-only Resident Evil 4 minus humor.

Do they honestly think that picking up weapons from defeated enemies is such a revolutionary idea that their marketing should revolve around it? Probably the same guy who thought shoehorning a lullaby OF DOOM was terrifying. Creepy Ringu girl far behind?

I'm looking forward to this game.

It changes the way we've been conditioned to fight.

Dead Space = John Carpenter's 'The Thing' + System Shock - Quake's "space marine" syndrome.

game looks fun, video quality is shit
Game gets 5 stars, -2 for oding the jerky fast-cutting frames to intentionally not show as much of the monsters as possible.
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Does Björk sing the song?
This powerful new "scary nursery rhyme" concept could revolutionalize the horror genre as we know it.
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