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Desc:Bill Clinton is dogged by Ron Paul people in my town during the 2008 primaries
Category:News & Politics, General Station
Tags:bill clinton, ron paul, new hampshire, Libertarians, douche bags
Submitted:Helena Handbasket
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Comment count is 10
'investigate 9/11' god i hate these people. not to forget to mention "RAAUUHHHHHNNNNN PAAAUUULLLL".
Oh man I was hoping for a "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!" and I was not disappointed.
Are libertarians the worst Americans ever?


Yes they are.
Just focus on the endless entertainment they provide...

Dinkin Flicka
My old boss was a libertarian. At first, discussions with him left me insanely depressed. But the more I had him talking, the more insane everything he had to say sounded. His basic philosophy was the well off are well off because they worked hard and the not-well off are not well off because they're lazy. Fortunately for him, he makes sixty grand a year. Way to work hard as a branch manager and pawn of a rental car company.

Stop all this gibberish about health care and the war and tell us the truth about moon units!
They sound like particularly talkative NPC's from Baldur's Gate or something





"down with the em-pire clin-ton" roonnnn paaaawwwl
This is where I live. These idiots are crawling all over the place on any given day. I wish I had a video camera for 9/11 where they were all standing in central square being insensitive as fuck.
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