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bias - 2008-09-06

Its hard to put my finger on what i hate most about this, the shit radio station (although this ad is from when it was less shit), the lame "i am Canadian parody", the french... well who am i kidding its always going to be the french isnt it?

mouser - 2008-09-06

A pre-requisite for being a quebecer is to learn to laugh at ourselves. That's the only reason we liked Elvis Graton. It then allows us to laugh at comments like yours, and people like you, without feeling too guilty. And keep adding insults to injuries too.

So, fucken-eh for Rock Et Belles Oreilles and Kids In The Hall. For being bilingual and having a sense of humour, I laughed twice as much as you did in your lifetime.

I also likes this particular clip because it parodies a really, really awful beer commercial.

Je t'aime toi non plus.

bias - 2008-09-06

realllax duuude, i was just havin a bit of fun. Really i'm just bitter because Toronto cant produce a decent poutine for love or money.

TinManic - 2008-09-06

i'm unimpressed with the poutine i've had here in montreal.

the Quebequois are also bastards to anyone who isn't Quebequois.

chumbucket - 2008-09-06

too much effort for too little payoff

Tstyle - 2008-09-06

The only thing more embarrassing than those Molson ads pandering to the straw dog Canadian identity crisis is another North American cultural group trying overly hard to identify themselves as something other than the group that Molson was pandering to.

Shut up Canada.

Derouin - 2008-12-16

Americans never will understand Canada. Don't worry-- we don't want you to.

Canine Feces - 2009-04-08

Whatever happened to the guy with the flesh-eating disease?

Canine Feces - 2009-04-08

You know... the Premier who blamed the failure of the referendum on "immigrants"?

mouser - 2009-05-19

Mistaken identity. It was Jacques Parizeau (the boozer) who said that. Not Lucien Bouchard.

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