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Desc:go to the vet
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:talking cat, vet, CATegory, caged wisdom
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Comment count is 10
No, he's saying 'marijauna'.
Its the cat from the pot eating video in withdrawl.
That's actually a relatively mellow cat. I had one that managed to cut her nose by pressing it up against the bars of the pet carrier. Pucky rode in my lap from then on.
I've never met a cat who enjoys going to the vet, and this one seems much more resigned to his fate than most.

Every dog I've owned, on the other hand, can't get enough of it. "OH BOY WE'RE GOING TO A PLACE IN THE CAR!"

My Cat loves the vet.

Seriously. Any chance to meet new people.

this is mundane... i have had 4 cats, the real fun is trying get them in the carrier when they don't want to.
see that sun? don't let it set on you here

My cat doesn't terribly mind the vet, but the carrier is horrible. She has the strength of ten lions when she doesn't want to get in that goddamned carrier.


I don't like cats very much but I like interesting cats that make funny human noises.
"hey kitty how are you doing?"
"oh you ow? are you hurt?"

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