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Desc:First it was the bear suit guy - What is it with Hurricane Ike and furries?
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Nature & Places
Tags:CNN, Furries, Hurricane Ike, Chicken Suit
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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WHOOOO! DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! I got an idea. DUDE! I got an idea. I just got off work at Chick-Fil-A, right? DUDE! This is gonna be so SWEET! DUDE! Pick me up and we'll go harass some reporters who are, like, covering news or some shit. DUDE! It's gonna be HELLA COOL! WHOOOOOOOOOO!
If he worked at Chick-fil-A he'd be wearing a cow suit.

I've seen better chicken suit videos.

such as...

If only he had stepped out of a limo.
YouTube has completely changed what people try to do in the background of a live on-location news spot. Gone are the days of your basic "peace signs", "Hi Moms", eyeballs over reporter's head and thumbs ups.
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