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Desc:they are everywhere i tellz ya
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:night of 1000 cats, many cats, kidk, problem solvers, infestation
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Comment count is 6
-2 stars for not having an interview with a crazy cat lady.
First off, is everyone in this county hideous?

She got dogs to limit the cats.
But then there were too many dogs, so some neighbors got lions.
But then there were too many lions, so some neighbors got elephants.
Sarah Palin?
"That's our big story tonight."

No, no, lady, your inflection's all wrong. It should be:

"THAT'S our big story tonight? Cats?"

And then a two minute rant where you wonder aloud how the hell you ended up an anchor in some one-horse town in friggin' Idaho while meanwhile your sister is a CNN White House correspondent.
Wow, this reporter is really scratching the bottom of the barrel for stories. 12 cats? Really? That's a nuisance? A health issue? I noise issue? I doubt all of the above.

However, first time a cat got into my garage and pissed on my stuff, I'd start stocking my garage with open cans of yummy tuna-and-antifreeze surprise.
what's wrong with cats? keep mice away and fucking birds. fuck birds. they suck. my gramps like them, but he's wrong. dead wrong.
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