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Desc:ow ow ow ow ow all the way down
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:Rock, bounce, fall, climbing, cliff
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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno
Slide whistle sound effect.

Or, better yet, Benny Hill music.
I have always asserted that news en espanol has superior footage - no "some viewers might be shocked" factor there.

Great footage, but minus one star for bad memories of carrying a dead climber out for miles over rocky terrain.
Damn dude.

Yeah, Univision is awes....

...wait, what was that last part?

+1 for anticipation of an explanation.

once the rigor mortis sets in you'd think it would get a bit easier


You can't just drop an H bomb like that and walk away, you fucker.

Just tie a rope around his ankle and drag him next time, dumbass.

Come on guy, do you want to share a story with us or not

Yeah, sorry, just got home again. Didn't mean to drop that one without being able to back it up.

Used to work at Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. We got a call reporting "a hiker stuck on a cliff" in mid-afternoon. The rescue crew gets assembled, and we head out and get there just before dusk. Only it's not a guy stuck on a cliff, it's a guy that has fallen 200+ feet to his death. We had to pack him in two body bags 'cause he was so leaky and then carry him in a Stokes litter out to the road. It was not a fun night.

Oh man. Five stars for comment horror stories.

I'm sorry to hear it happened. Indeed, it does not sound like it was a fun night at all.

belongs on goregasm
but they didnt die, cant you HEAR?!? oh its in spanish...

Ragdoll physics on this one are excellent.

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