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Desc:Sometimes, the best extreme sports are unintentional.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Sports
Tags:fall, jet ski, spillway, unintentional extreme sports
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Comment count is 15
Frank Rizzo

yeah whatver. "US army corps of engineers" is code for "engineering retards with a C- average" so who the fuck cares.

I sure dont
Now apply that comment to the New Orleans levee system and you'll begin to see the non-conservative-bullshit-version of the breach during Katrina.

That was a 10-15ft drop at the most.
Basic physics, it only took roughly a second for them to fall which is roughly 10m.

basic physics overloaded your brain apperently.

g = 9.8 meters PER second, he doesn't instantly start falling at 9.8 m/s^2, he starts at 0.

the total fall would be about 4.9m, about 15ft

Well, if you wanna get extra-nitpicky...they didn't fall straight down. the actual length of the arc was longer. But yeah. pussies.

Lateral motion does not affect gravity! A bullet fired horizontally and a bullet dropped hit the ground at the same time, is this middle school?


Um... Are you saying that if I launch an object horizontally at 500mph that it will hit the ground at the same time... wait... what.

erection reset by queer
I'm pretty sure that only applies in a vacuum.

Someone actual physicist is laughing at our amateur hour right now.

erection reset by queer
also laughing at my typos

Sigh, yes this is neglecting air resistance, not that it would add much here. If you throw or launch something horizontally (not at an upward or downward angle), and not so fast that it enters ORBIT, it will hit the ground at the same time as a similar object dropped from the original height. This is because gravity is the only force in the Y (vertical) direction in both cases. The forces in the X (horizontal) direction ('zero' and 'a lot' respectively) don't change the force of gravity in the Y direction.

This is usually covered in science class by swatting a tennis ball or something off of a table and dropping one at the same time, watching them hit the ground at the same moment. Harder to observe but still true is the idea that shooting a bullet from a gun who's barrel is perfectly horizontal and dropping a bullet at the same time from the same height as the gun will cause both bullets to hit the ground at the same time (obviously the gun is not being shot at anything but open ground), just hundreds of feet apart.

BACK to the video, the fact that the jet ski was propelled off of the dam (flat, with no incline) at a high rate of speed does not change how long it took for them to hit the water, that's all.


I hate jetskis and I think that people that use them should be killed.

Caminante Nocturno
I fall from heights much larger than that when I play video games, and I always survive. What's the deal with those wusses?
poeTV needs bulbs

nice air
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