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Desc:Half-Life 2 completed in 102 minutes. Ravenholm takes 90 seconds.
Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:speedrun, Half Life, valve
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Comment count is 9
Real men don't use savestates.
maybe a girl made htis, you fucking pig.

in retrospect, this game is too dark and takes way too fucking long to get going

I don't think you can really say you "completed" the game when you deliberately glitch past huge chunks of it.
agreed that was glitch-tastic

lieutenant halfabeef
Counterpoint: if this "glitch" isn't fixed by patching, it's a feature, meant to be exploited.

They deliberately include level skip codes in the game, but I don't think that's kosher either. I'd draw the line at flying through the air like Superman.

There's a really good example of a speedrun done in Half Life 1 that should be on here.

Endless bunny-hopping, walking on unseen platforms, looking at the ground half of the time, and it's still really fucking long. This is why speed runners still play Quake 1.
Watching someone else play a video game is like listening to someone tell you about a dream they just had.
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