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Desc:It's better than gold farming.
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Asians, jump rope, inexplicable soundtrack, like a prayer
Submitted:Jaguar Wong
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Comment count is 11
-1 Madonna..check that, -2 Madonna remix
+1 for extra gay content

You mean two guys playing leapfrog is gay? I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE!

You laugh now, but when jump-rope is part of the Olympics you're going to wish you did more than Jump Rope For Heart back in elementary.
Why are they doing this?

My money is on this lady:

Hugo Gorilla
None shall ever top The Chapman Brothers.
did anyone see the showtime at the apollos like 10-15 years ago when this japanese double dutch group called the "run-d crew" won like every week for several weeks? they would do their routine and then they would get interviewed and be like "herroo aporrro!" and the audience would flip out, it was so awesome, they were unstoppable because they were asian
Yeah, I'll be that guy that watches 5 seconds and 1 stars it.
Minus all but one star for an awful remix of one of my favorite songs.
Geoff Marr
I would have done jump rope when i was that age, but i would have had to, you know... beat the shit out of myself.
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