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Desc:he forgot to touch on the steroid abuse
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:steroids, henry rollins, plastic surgery, carrottop
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Comment count is 8
Talking about celebrity plastic surgery is like putting fish in a barrel. It can be done, but you'll just end up with a barrel with fish in it.
Finally someone makes fun of Carrot Top. This is the kind of hard-hitting commentary I expect from an icon of punk rock.
"You know that guy CarrotTop EVERYONE'S talking about?"

uh... that comedian that was popular about 15 years ago?

"Yeah check THIS out! I wrote him a letter!"

Eroticus E
To counteract the negative comments.
Stars only counteract stars, to counteract comments you should actually come up with something to say.


Caminante Nocturno
He got distracted by plastic surgery and barely got around to talking about Carrot Top.
"Mr. Top" - Fucking comedy gold.

How far Henry Rollins has fallen
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