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Desc:American has faith in the vliberty and justice and we all have faith and believe in ourselves.
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:Alan Thicke, oops, pageant, vliberty, miss hawaii
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Comment count is 18
+3 for "From the rocky shores of Havaii to the beautiful sandy beaches of Havaii."

+2 for the Fred Willardesque host.

-1 for not putting commas in the tags.

It's Alan Thicke!

Goddamn stupid tag system. Not like it works even when I do put commas in.


Pleasurebot malfunction.
This is my favorite explanation.

"It's a wonderful state you have there."

What we are unaware of (But Alan Thicke is in the know) is that she was whacked in the occiput backstage with a vase by another contender, leading to massive inflammation of the shoulders and an altered state of being. This is made even more evident by the fact that she was the contestant from Missouri.
Lauritz Melchior
GOOD GOD! Did women truly wear clothing that accentuated their shoulders like that during the 20th century?
The shoulders are where the battery packs are kept.

Frank Rizzo
holy shit, I didnt even notice

she looks like a linebacker, insta 5 for that

In the late 80s and early 90s, the shoulders were considered the sexiest part of a woman.

Cultural anthropology!

Also note the hair. In attempt to scare off predators, size was maximized.

Big Muddy
Top that off with a blast of Prince Machivelli and some 10in pumps and you're ready to kick ass!

I actually come from Alan Thicke's hometown and it's well known that he's a complete dick. Also I think I watched this when I was younger and he was quite obviously drunk.
She should learn the name of her state.
And also, such as, havaii.
It blows my mind that these poor messed-up girls, as part of these grotesque pageants, are expected to play smart for a few minutes... and then pilloried for being airheads when they screw up.

The only beauty pageant I ever attended was a Ms Teen USA runoff at an Army base in Georgia. Talk about some Hunter S Thompson material.
word list: freedom? check great? check havaii? check american? check proud? check faith? check....YAY you win!
Faith? Check and another check.

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