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Desc:1990 coca cola comercial - michael jordan slam dunks a six-pac of coca cola's into a treehouse
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:1990, michael jordan, Coca Cola, treehouse, magical negro
Submitted:dr tits
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Comment count is 8
they used to run this shitty ad all the time and it's not good enough now to be amusing or old enough now to look strange

Ah, the 90s.

I remember my halcyon days of living in a meadow treehouse, compulsively (and redundantly) fully naming the beverage that has been forgotten by an unseen cohort, calling out the name of a basketball player whose telepathic mother relays the message without having heard any of the delegations inside said treehouse, who then delivered said beverage and floated in mid-air to make sure that his masters were pleased with his timely and friendly service.
then the mob killed his dad for his gambling debts.

Were people really this naive? We've really come a long way since the early 90s, and I guess it's going to get a lot worse until it gets better.

Anyway, where's Michael, I want some cokes.
Needs a "magical negro" tag. Because seriously. Perhaps you can replace "comercial."

(also, wouldn't those cokes be pretty shaken up by that point?)
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