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Desc:kill zombies and learn to type
Category:Educational, Video Games
Tags:zombie, Dreamcast, dead, game, typing
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Comment count is 26
This turned a dull, boring game into unadulterated awesome. And some of the sentences it had you type were....odd. Nothing like dildo innuendo whist fighting a zombie behemoth.
You can tell these were typed up by an increasingly bored intern

Stop the blah-blah-blah

Why am I at work on a Saturday!

Ha ha the guy is actually wearing a keyboard harness. The typing is part of the game fiction. That is insanely amazing.
"I am Goldman. Huh, huh, huh."

This really is one of the best games ever.
a flaming monkey
I like 'Robosnot'.
I pretty much rocked at this, despite my complete inability to play normal people's video games.
Hugo Gorilla
I regret not buying this game for my Dreamcast now.
Do not operate the flamethrower without proper supervision.
I would pay money for this.
The Faghorn
My school paid money for this when I credited it with learning to type 90+ WPM after an exam.

This seriously is the best game, and it helps you type like a motherfucker.
This makes Mavis Beacon look like shit!
That looks like unholy amounts of fun. Is there a PC port?
Aubrey McFate
There is, and I got it. It's basically the Dreamcast game in windows, you have to end it in the Task Manager and everything.

And yes, it's great.

Caminante Nocturno
Better than Typer Shark!
Man, my fingers were twitching just watching this video. Does anybody know if the PC port supports dual keyboards? Co-op was the best part of the Dreamcast version. I may have to dig that out this weekend.
Comrade Admiral
One of the zombies wields coathangers in each hand.
Makes an increasingly bizarre double feature with Pinball of the Dead.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Everytime I see an arcade with this game, I inevitably pop a coin in. There's also a Lupin the 3rd one, but for some reason it's just not nearly as much fun.

Lonely Loser Protip: Since it's just typing, it also makes a great date game.

"The forth chapter" .. Well, I guess it's supposed to teach you typing, not spelling.
Goethe and ernie
I loved this game, but this video loses a star for the shitty typing of whoever's playing it.
At 1:03, the monster is using coat hangers as a weapon...
Caminante Nocturno
That's the Joan Crawford.

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