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Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:basketball, Cheerleader, swish
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Comment count is 9
Everybody gets one. If you're lucky, you'll get it when it counts.

The guy in red wasn't lucky.
I used mine up in middle school and won a soda. One can of soda.

We werent even using basketballs - just some fruity squishy foam type balls. Presumably so if we miss we dont bean some unsuspecting rube on the head.

Some random girls I had never met before and would never have given me the time of day asked for it. A light came on in my head, and I figured out then, at that young age, what women were all about.

I said no. Lesson learned. They were immediately bitches afterwards and never spoke to me again (or before). I'd like to think my lucky shot was worth it.

This isn't group therapy time. Unless you have a video of a cat falling off of something, public access, a 90's music video, or something to do with 9/11, take it outside IRL.

Whats a cheeleader?

Lauritz Melchior
Blind cheerleader: YAAAAY!
Guy in Red: BOOOO!

Also, you 'r' seemed to have dropped off of the face of the Eath momentaily

Godard's Drinking Problem
Oh, I didn't read the rest of the sentence to see the joke (I just saw "dropped"). Paint me an asshole and slap my toes white!

Sorry, chubby, a skinny girl who's probably never played basketball is way better than you are.
If only it weren't years too late to request the "oh swish" tag.
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