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Desc:The game that saved Nikki Sixx's life.
Category:Business, Video Games
Tags:Crap, genesis, dr. feelgood, Motley Cre
Submitted:Big Muddy
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Comment count is 12
nothing funny here really...
Frank Rizzo
just like every one of your submissions.

True that chairs.

This Big Muddy asshole uploaded an unfunny clip and what's more, he even forgot to put it in the Humor Category and give it a funny tag!

-1 star for migraine-inducing music.

I demand Ulillillia narrate this. Until then, 3 stars for you!
Mike Tyson?!

Holy shit, of course.

I wasn't even going to star this but damn if the thought of Ulillillia playing Motley Crue midis at various speeds for several weeks doesn't make me happy.

Mike Tyson?!
The 4 stars are for the misuse of the Yamaha YM2612 which fucking rocks in Streets of Rage 2.
Mike Tyson?!
What the?

The Genesis music rocks harder than the real thing.

4 stars for the opening EA graphic bringing back loads of gaming addiction memories...oh and this game sucked!
Is there some sort of cheat in effect or is it basically impossible to lose at Crue Ball?

extra star for reminding me of Sega Visions
Looks boring as hell. Also, way to blow out my speakers.
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