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Desc:Raquel Welch introduces pegging to American film. Not explicit, but possibly NSFW due to buttocks.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:gore vidal, Raquel Welch, pegging
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Comment count is 14

Also, this is NSFW.

Y'know in hindsight, what with major Hollywood stars starring in female-rape movies written by gay authors, the Reagan-era cultural backlash was sort of inevitable.
you said hindsight

in my opinion, Myra Breckinridge wouldnt have been all that bad if it were just Racquel Welch raping people for two hours
The most shocking part of this clip to me is that she can act!
I've always wanted to see this movie.

Needs Xiphias tag.


Looking up the definition of "pegging" made me appreciate the character of Peggy Hill even more.

The more you learn.
SPOILER: Raquel Welch raped him gay.

You really must inflict the entire movie upon yourself sometime. It's unbelievably bad.
Correction - that spoiler is from the novel this movie was "based on".
In the movie, Rusty drops out of the plot completely after he becomes (yet another) cabana boy for the character being played by an 80 year-old Mae West (I can't remember her name); in the novel he leaves after nearly beating Mae to death multiple times, then goes on to become a famous actor who is totally into butt.

It's a truly terrible film experience, a product 100% of that time Hollywood was trying to tap into that Sixties counterculture vibe with allegedly hip films, like Candy or Skidoo.

And while it's nothing compared to the shenanigans in Sexttete, the nightclub bit where Mae West "sings" a cover of an Otis Redding number is still quite nightmarish.

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