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oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2006-07-13

five is far too few stars for this

Afgh - 2006-07-13


SharoKham - 2006-07-13

I've never ever ever seen a more embarrassing piece of animation, including the Wolf "animatics."

takewithfood - 2006-07-13

Just once I want the token bimbo character to be something other than the fast/weak one. Just once!

Adramelech - 2006-07-13

Hahaha Daemon Stone/Rack Saxxon

Aoi - 2006-07-13

Dude, did that last guy rip that mutant's head off when he bodyslammed it? And it still got up?

Ahriman the Creepy Lurker - 2006-07-13

My, what big lips you have, Mr. token black character.

LadyStalker - 2006-07-13

The narration is like self-parody.

Corman's Inferno - 2006-07-13

I could watch cyborg Wolfman Jack all day.

PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-07-13

the perfect storm of terribleness

jrr - 2006-07-13


athodyd - 2006-07-23

I LOVE the cybernet sound effect.

bopeton - 2006-09-10

in 62 years, I'm going to get all the bioengineering and cybernetics it takes to be Air Wolfjam.

DrCyclops - 2006-09-20

"It'th a myootant!"

Caminante - 2006-12-01

Gracious God, not the THANATOS MELTDOWN!

Bone_Vulture - 2006-12-02

Furries. It's always the FUCKING FURRIES

jim - 2006-12-12

what just happened?

BAC - 2007-01-23

"turn them out" hahahahaha

tamago - 2007-01-24

I can't imagine why the CD-i failed

kwelladakid - 2007-01-24

CD-i failed because any father that spent all that money on THIS probabl threw the damn box out the

Ashenblade - 2007-01-29

RaaaAAAHH!!! RaaAAH!!!

DrVital - 2007-02-24

Typical pro-human anti-mutant propoganda.

Dummy Rum - 2007-11-08

You have a problem with that, Citizen? Your friend The Computer is not pleased.

B_Ko - 2007-03-14

I would give all three of my testicles for a CD-i.

thebaronsdoctor - 2007-05-20

I like how the visual representation of improved technology is a bimbo bending a metal bar

Dummy Rum - 2007-11-08

And not even a particularly attractive bimbo. She looks like a pair of bowling balls in a tin can.

And why does advanced technology always seem to include human/animal hybrids? It really seems like the only ones benefiting in that situation are the animals.

And why does radiation make your baby turn into a dinosaur? Is this Eraserhead?

La Loco - 2009-01-25

I for one welcome our mutant/cyborg overlords.

Squeamish - 2010-05-25


I can't tell if the future is awesome or if it sucks.

fluffy - 2010-07-10

Can't it be both?

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