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Desc:Come with me, live this magical, tone def moment. I love you.
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:republicans, Far, white people, Near, wherever
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Comment count is 15
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
That had to have the longest 4 minutes of their lives for those trapped in the middle seats.
Angel Carver
Stars for the "Near" and "Far" tags.
That white haired gentleman might not be actually fleeing the performance at 0:04 just as she's about to go into "WhereEEEEEEVVVVEEERRRRR."

But I like to think he is.
that's no "white haired gentleman," that's KENNY ROGERS!

I thought this must be someone's mother singing at their wedding or some shit like that. I was incorrect, according to her website she is a rising country music star!

Having heard this song hundreds of times (fuck you, I worked security at Celine's show), I think this is my favorite version. There's something wonderful about hearing a song you hate, but know very well, butchered unintentionally.
My money was on "baby's funeral".

At least now we know how Ethel Merman would have sang this.

wtf japan
Security at a Celine Dion concert is either the easiest job in the world, or the hardest...

Cowboy Funk
God damn that is horrid
Oh man.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I would have laughed at her face. Thank you, woman trapped in 1985.
Lauritz Melchior
She isn't tone deaf.

She is simply unaware that Ethyl Merman style vocals are not suited for all songs.
Yup, not really tone deaf. Not any good, but tone deaf means you can't find the pitches. What made this bad was that it sounded like the Will Ferrell character that can't speak quietly.
I see that look in her eyes and I am familiar with it. It is the "Oh shit, I've wasted my life, but I can't really stop pursuing this now, gat dangit what am I doing here, why did I quit Friendly's, at least I got free Fribbles" look.

Is this a country version of this song? I thought I heard that wee-waw guitar somewhere in there.
Haha "wee-waw" that's great. I actually play a pedal steel. I didn't hear one in there though.

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