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Desc:No, not those kinds of bears. Finally, someone asks: How gay IS Final Fight, anyway?
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:final fight, mike haggar, bears, really gay, bears in games
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Comment count is 15
i thought this would be about the chicago bears.

5 stars for what ended up being the actual concept, the video is boring.
Monchiles Monchiles
Yeah, that was pretty gay.
mountain dew insimination
-1 for not showing the dude appearing on the Mayor's monitor and cackling "AAAA-HA-HA-HA! AAAA-HA-HA-HA!", a classic image forever burned into my brain...kinda like when the thugs punch that dude's girlfriend in the stomach and haul her off slung over one of their shoulders in [i WANT to say] one of the Double Dragon games.
Still, he makes some interesting and convincing points.
the first double dragon game.

in the sequel, they come in and gun her down!

It broke my heart to learn that what's-her-name, the handcuff chick, is really a transvestite.
It broke my heart too... and excited my penis.


Poison was actually a girl in the Japanese version. Capcom was leery in having a woman be beaten up in a game in america so instead of changing the sprite or making a new one they just said she was male in the American version.

Because killing transvestites is ok.

It wasn't just Capcom. Nintendo of America did the same thing, which is why Birdo was "a boy who thinks he's a girl!" in the instruction booklet.

90s developers were very weary of having men beat up women. Until fighting games became popular anyway.

Poison was always supposed to be a tranny, but her friend/clone Roxy might be a real woman

It was surprisingly prescient of CAPCOM to make the character based on Jesse Ventura a politician.
Gay or not, I wouldn't try to fight Mayor Mike Haggar.
Normally I would try to fight gays, but not Mike Haggar.

Urkel Forever
Normally I would fight Mike Haggar, but not gays.

This is exactly what the internet was made to do.
THEN you realize, wait a minute! There's no FIRE EXIT in this gay bar!

Enjoy your deathtrap, fellas!
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