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Desc:mark dacascos kicks various ass
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:wolf, France, Brotherhood, Mark Dacascos, cunt punt
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Comment count is 13
Here's how I describe this movie to people:

"It starts out as a French period piece, and ends up like Mortal Kombat."
I always just say 'Iroquois-fu'. I feel that more or less sums it up.

Rape Van Winkle
Dear Mark Dacascos:

I love it when Indians are Ninjas!

Also, thanks for being the keystone in the bastardization of the Crow franchise.


Rape Van Winkle

PS: I met Eric Mabius in New Orleans once. You are a even bigger douche than he is.
this movie really does have something for everyone. martial arts, whores, period drama, suspense, horror... i think this movie spans every genre.
Architeuthis Tux
More importantly, it has *naked* people for everyone.

Really, no matter what you want to see naked, it's in this movie!

It's even got *dead* naked people for the necrophiles in the audience!

Monica Belucci naked would be perfect for anybody. But if not, I mean, yeah pretty much everything is covered.

This movie is so terrible it becomes art. I've rarely seen a movie I hated more.
At about 2:35-ish... is that a legitimate cunt-punt?
Yes it is, and the "cunt punt" tag should replace "werewolf" seeing as there are no werewolves.

On a related note, those dirty french whores can tag team me anytime.

do you mean around 2:03? anyway, tagged

Saw this in theatres. Twice. Damn fun movie. Not rating it, since it's not particularly evil, but it's a fun movie.
Answers an important question: can the French not kick anyone's ass?
This movie was made to prove that the French could, if they wanted to, make action movies better than anyone else. They just don't want to.

Seriously, it's got tits, guns, wolves, tits, bone-swords, lions, tits, and more anachronistic martial arts than you can shake a pair of tits at. It's in many ways the perfect action movie. The French made it just because they could. To mock us all.

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