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Desc:A medley of Zelda music, mostly Wind Waker
Category:Arts, Video Games
Tags:Zelda, acoustic, Wind Waker, split-screen video
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Comment count is 11
The novelty of these has long worn off for me, so it takes something exceptional to get my attention.

This is pretty exceptional.
Wind Waker was pretty good to play stoned. Then again, Okami was even better.
Louis Armstrong
Especially for all the gods damned sailing you did.

wtf japan
Man, I can't believe I hadn't thought of that.

it's funny because he looks like a zeldian
That's Hyrulian, NERD!

i knew that, but i didn't know if you knew that

This fellow has a very promising career in playing video game music on YouTube!
On the one hand I'm impressed by this young mans musical ambition, on the other hand this is a creepy level of obsession.

Reflecting on this comment I see the hypocrisy of my judging this young man, I myself can play several songs on multiple instruments and that makes me no better.
The vocal harmony in the beginning turned it from good to great. By 1:47 it was just pure evil.
Wow. Someone could have told me the music wasn't Zelda, and just given me the audio and told me a lie like "it's some Irish folk music band" and I would have believed it and still would have liked it. But no, it's the one work of one individual.

Right on.
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