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Desc:Testing 'The Hovind Theory', among other things.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:crazy, kent hovind, creationism, noahs flood, not yahtzee
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Comment count is 15
Steve Airport
sure had me pumped up at the end about the "millions and millions of dead things"
Science wins: flawless victory.
But what about the carbon in it?
Oh. That... that came from Jesus. Sorry, there's no scientific explanation for that one.

These smug bible debunking videos are at the pinnacle of douchebaggery because they take on the easiest possible targets but miss the point entirely. The bible is filled with material that can be scientifically debunked. For instance, there is no archeological evidence that the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. But for any non-redneck interested in the religion, the bible's words are read as mythological, poetic or metaphorical. Their scientific veracity has nothing to do with their meaning. Anyone who doesn't get that is either a fundamentalist or still in grade school.
Yeah and I wonder who might need to be told about the fact that it's completely unscientific. I wonder who uses fake science to prop up their belief in the Bible as something other than myth.

Well, it can't be anybody important because you said these videos are unnecessary, and YOU'RE not just some stupid goddamned faggot with his head under a rock who has no clue what's going but wants to flail and make utterly nonsensical points anyhow.

Space Helicopter
If the target's so easy, surely someone will have their mind changed from watching this, or be better able to convince someone after seeing this.

Surely you can appreciate the educational value alone without having an alergic reaction to smugness, yes?

As he said in the video something like 60% of americans do believe in the Noah's Ark story. Belief in the bible as literal truth is generally on an up trend in this country, and I for one think that's a really horrible sign.

Uh, IDIOT, glendower SAID that they miss the point ENTIRELY. I think your argument is lost before you begin. Better just pack it in.


"These smug [comments] are at the pinnacle of douchebaggery because they take on the easiest possible targets but miss the point entirely..."

That's cute, just don't except me to take your religion any more seriously than the Iliad.

Funny how Creationists always run for cover when their beliefs are under fire, claiming that videos or books like this are just "singling out" one thing or some crap and not paying attention to "the rest" of the evidence.

Tell you what. Watch all of this guys videos and find scientific evidence (i.e., evidence verified through the scientific method) that proves him wrong.

Syd Midnight
But his voice is smooth and comforting like english milk chocolate.

Camonk, my point is that people who use fake science to "prove" the bible are idiots waging some kind of fundamentalist flame war. I find videos knocking them down quite boring. It's like someone proving that WWF is fake. My other point was that the real value of the bible and other religious texts is in their poetic, metaphorical and mythological content and that tends to get lost in these Internet flame wars. That aspect of the bible has profoundly influenced generations of literature and thought, from William Blake to James Baldwin.

The thing is, it's not the Bible these are trying to debunk so much as the Creation "scientists" coming from well-funded organizations such as the Discovery Institute, who are now trying to use scientific-sounding jargon to convince politicians their ideas are of equal importance in science classrooms.
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