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Desc:read error b read error b read error b
Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:80s, 8-bit, Bad Dudes, amstrad, cpc 464
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Wonko the Sane
ow, my epilepsy
I had a cassette drive for my C64. Sometimes, I'd wait 10 minutes for a game to load, only to have it hang as soon as it started. Good times.
Wow, thats some catchy music at least.
fun with cassette drives, thanks for bringing back the frustration and annoyance...looks like the game was worth it
are you a bad enough dude etc
This was my first computer
I loved that old thing like a pet dog. Ah, the hours I spent with a jeweller's screwdriver adjusting the angle of the tape heads, listening to the data stream and trying to judge whether it sounded crisper or more muffled, and the pulse-racing last few seconds when The Eidolon managed to finally load without a read error. That initial loading noise like a bosun's whistle and the satisfying click when the tape drive stops still provoke Pavlovian responses from me. Sob.

Also 2 minutes was so much longer when you were nine.

music by Dan Deacon

amazing music
Every Rhode Island band in the last 10 years!

Also, it's BAD DUDES!
I miss the sound my modem used to make.
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