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Desc:Walken's number from the musical Pennies From Heaven
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Christopher Walken, Pennies From Heaven
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 16
The Caffeine Kid
I like what I saw happen here.
he looks so young! and no less awesome
clearly a talentless hack if there ever was one....
Goofy Gorilla
Totally. I didn't believe that tattoo for a second.

Lies, lies, LIES!
Dude can hoof it.
The guy was in professional dance school before getting into acting.
The last half was maybe the most fantastic thing to ever grace this humble site.
Spider Jerusalem
I have been looking for this for YEARS.
Just found it on Netflix and added it to the que.

I never thought I'd enjoy Walken's pants coming off this much.
The old one is down therefore this is NOT A DUPE you nazis.

That said, this is awesome.
It took a few paths that didn't get crossed for Christopher Walken to somehow not be involved in "Forbidden Zone", where he would have made that move even more awesome than it already was.
I tracked down and eargerly purchased a dusty old VHS copy of this movie specifically for this scene. Dusty, yet it had never been opened. The shrink-wrap flaked away like the crust of a fine pastry. The cassette itself still had an oddly-fresh chemical smell.

I hate most musicals and, not surprisngly, didn't care much for this one... but Walken's scene was glorious.

As long as Christopher Walken is around, we'll all be ok. As a species. No apocalypse or nothin'. Once he's gone, though, all bets are off.
this isn't Pennies From Heaven it's The Deer Hunter, get your movies right
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