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Desc:Macaques filmed in the Jigokudani Monkey Park
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Japan, monkey, Macaque
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Comment count is 12
Something from Japan on POETV that's not a goddamn cartoon = 5 stars.
Anime sucks. Monkeys don't.
I very much enjoyed this.
Dear Japan: More monkeys. Less of every other goddamned thing you do and have.
Now I want to know what reaction diving in their pool and splashing them would provoke.
Thing about monkeys is, it's hard to see them and not think about how much better their lives would be if we were all dead. Other than that they pretty much rule.
I wonder if their faces are red because they're frost bitten or because of the hot springs.
I bet it is just because they have red faces already. I am betting this because they have red faces regardless, so it seems a safe bet.

I went to considerable effort to go there during the winter one time. Its as cool as you think it is. The place itself is surprisingly small, no more than the end of a little valley, with one hot spring. I arrived and thought, This is it? Ill be done in 20 minutes. I ended up sitting there for about three hours, just staring at monkeys. There are hundreds of them and they dont give a shit about humans. Theyll run snarling through your legs, poop on your shoes... then just outside the park entrance theres a ryokan where you can take a bath with them, but they never got in with us (this Australian dude and me.) These two big males just stalked around the edges, close enough to lick, glaring at us. The disconcerting thing is that the walkway to the park goes right over this pool, and all the Japanese tourists were taking pictures of us. Not the monkeys, just us naked foreigners. One guy was kind enough to come down and offer to delete the pictures if we wanted him to.
I don't know about you folks, but this is nightmare fuel for months to come for me. It's basically a horrifying sauna of little Existentialists in fur coats, miserable and bleak in it's starkness.
So you're saying they're basically tiny Finns?

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