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Desc:Pop-locker made of spaghetti and flubber redefines biomechanics.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:Robot, breakin, breakdance, B-Boy
Submitted:Menudo con queso
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Comment count is 21
this is I think one of the first videos ever posted on the internet or something.
Huh. I was unaware the internet was founded in 2004.

Same guy, different and more recent video

This is not a video of baleen making fun of an exhibit so he automatically one stars it.

Baleen is correct, and so is IrishWhiskey. I am torn. If the Numa Numa dude makes like a Mika singalong, you shouldn't post a video going, "Strange fat man does something never seen before!" So -1 star, I suppose.

This video is awesome and being old does not mean it ought not be here. Jesus. This is fucking simple. Rating a video is not goddamned rocket science.

Syd Midnight
Fuck the hatas this guy is excellent
Prickly Pete
Yeah this is pretty awesome. And to be clear, the old video in question is of the breakdancer in the red shirt, right?
Lauritz Melchior
I'd never seen it before.
La Loco
Great dancing but did he really have to wear that nerd outfit? Minus one star for his fashion fail.
Mike Tyson?!
Get the fuck out of here with that win/fail bullshit right now.

The outfit adds stars, if anything.

Guy needs some new moves.
No he doesn't.

No he doesn't.

No he doesn't.

No he doesn't

If you noticed, he started up some of the old ones and then finished them differently. Toying with the audience's expectations is the mark of a master.

So no he doesn't.

This guy needs to get cast as some kind of horror movie villain. For serious.
the stop-motion / strobe looking part at 1:09
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