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Desc:A game so challenging you need this 'Combat Control Panel' to play it
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:star trek, Atari 2600, cheesy, short and sweet
Submitted:Herr Matthias
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Comment count is 11
Turns you into a young, smug, Vulcan Roddy McDowell.
Atari 400 graphics shown.
I had this. I recall it being awful.
The only port, in my opinion, of the Star Trek arcade game that was actually any good was the C64 version which added enough new elements that it was almost a new game.

I could never figure the C64 version of the game out.
I'm trying to remember how many C64 games I actually beat and I can't. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was the only one I remember clearly.

Anyway, this Star Trek game came out after the first movie and they wisely didn't try to reproduce the movie in the game.

I loved the standup arcade version. "Welcome aboard, Captain."

And they TOTALLY give away the ending in this commercial. Now gaining sight of those flashing seizure-bars of victory will not be as sweet...
Way WAY back in the day when "Oregon Trail" was the game to beat, a buddy of mine coined the phrase "nomad defeated" as the blanket term for beating a computer game.

when he says "needs a combat control panel" I was expecting something more along the lines of Steel Battalions, so it made seeing the actual "panel" for this, that much more entertaining
You got a overlay like that for EVERY SINGLE Intellivision game.
And that still didn't make up for that craptastic controller-disc thing.

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