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Desc:How badass spazzes go to work.
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:Parkour, london, commute, businesssuits and sneakers
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Comment count is 9
wasn't parkour cool like 2 years ago?
I'm sorry, but you are incorrect. Parkour was cool, like, 75 years ago. And still is, when done well.

Georges Herbet for the win.

Also, for being an urban ninja video, this is kind of boring.

Yeah either I'm getting desensitized to parkour or people are just getting worse at it.

Parkour is dancing and I can appreciate it for that, but pretending that it's going to get you anywhere faster than just running is dumb. Also I think this is a dupe.
Most importantly, this has nothing to do with Kung-Fu.

Also even for Parkour, its not that interesting.

And the music sucks, too!
This is only cool to about five or six people. Five being the suits, and the sixth the cameraman.

This is parkour at its boringest.
How dare you--HOW DARE YOU SIR--abuse kung fu. No one kicks anybody anywhere.
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