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Desc:He-Man's friend Mekaneck screams like a little girl. And Optimus Prime is the narrator!
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:He-Man, 80s, mom buy me that, landshark, improbably designed fantasy vehicles
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Comment count is 9
Two things: I am completely guessing on the spelling of "Mekaneck," and while I completely forgot that I actually owned this toy as a kid, I still clearly remember the LAND SHARK... LAND SHARK... LAND SHARK... tune from this commercial.
As soon as I saw the toy, I remembered having it. The teeth were all rubbery and bent out of shape extremely easily.

Caminante Nocturno
He-Man commercials always starred such detestable children.
I think I had Mekaneck! What ever happened to him...
Surgery, and ultimately death.

Gosh darn it! You can't end it there. What happens next!
girlscout cookies

Hammer Falls
Not for use with some figures = Ram-Man...poor fused-together-legged bastard...
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