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Desc:New game lets player move a small ball with their brain.
Category:Science & Technology, Advertisements
Tags:levitation, We are living in the 21st century, brainwave, hoverboards, flying cars
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Comment count is 10
Need explanation.
the music that was playing wile he was mind melding with teh machine was creepy in that space odyssey way, but i accept the game 5-10 years from now that can be controlled with your mind or flexing your taint......witch ever comes first.
It looks disappointingly expensive.

Cube: Apparently it's a home EEG machine that monitors theta waves which kids seem to have a lot of. There's also NeuroSky and a game from Square Enix called Judecca were you get to kill zombies with your brain, which is interesting because they're using doing the opposite. There's also a more elaborate version called Epoc from Emotiv but it's been delayed.
I see a future game show here...Supermodels using brain activity to get the ball to go higher on a money-prize scale for contestants
Star Trek!
Where's Data with the flashing lights?
OMG HE IS MOVING HIS BALL WITH HIS MIND and a dial he appears to be turning...with his hand...

Spike Jonez
Beat me to the punch... WITH YER MIND!

Scientology, her secrets blown open to an unprepared world, crumbles beneath it's own newly found obsolescence.
These are projected at .

It's just controlling the force of an air jet with a cheap brainwave scanner, nothing fancy. The fun part will be when people start modding them.
I'm not sure which axis/axes the brainwave scanner controls and which the knob controls.

I know someone who has played a similar prototype game recently at one of the major toy fairs; there are a whole lot of them coming out this year.

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