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Desc:Aftermath: Population Zero shows the long-term effects of a world without people
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:earth, people, humans, disappear, without
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Comment count is 21
So, basically, 1000 years after we're gone, aliens are going to find our shit on the moon and go, 'What the fuck? These people had all this technology, but they stayed on this moon until they were all dead rather than go down to that nice lush green watery planet below them? Fucking galaxy's better off if you ask me.'
Rodents of Unusual Size
Nah, space archaeologists will probably figure out the mystery of why we were wiped out, and then put up tourist shops selling cheap figurines of us based on what they find. Galactic visitors will marvel at our ability to all wear crowns like the Statue of Liberty, worshiped kings who wore bathrobes (statue in Rio = holy sacred bathrobe), and liked to make large phallic symbols as evidence of our male fertility worship (Washington monument)

Caminante Nocturno
I will see to it that the only things they discover are fanime and fanfiction. 1,000 years from now, the only things other civilizations will know of the human race will be Care Bears Stars and Gonterman.

There will come soft rains
This documentary taught me that all that was separating our civilization from collapse was a good coat of Rustoleum.

Also, everything we've built from reinforced concrete is doomed. The steel rebar is initially preserved by the alkaline concrete medium, but in the long run it too oxidizes, expands, and destroys the concrete matrix. The Roman concrete works like the Pantheon will outlast all of our constructions.
Yeah. Anything that's been around for thousands of years will continue to be around for thousands of years. The Great Wall ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Also, the underground titanium vaults in which every word written by L. Ron Hubbard have been preserved on stainless steel plates. That motherfucker was intentionally designed to last 1000 years.

So sadly, when the Space Archaeologists get here, they're going to find fucking Dianetics and go "God, no wonder these guys wiped themselves out. What a bunch of fucking retards."
lol, thinking the planet will outlive humans.
In a roundabout way, it brings to mind the nuclear waste facility (WIPP) in New Mexico. It is an interesting dilemma- how to warn future (we're talking wall-mounted keyboards-era future here) generations about deadly decaying radioactive waste buried under tons of salt...so said generations won't go around opening up these sarcophagi like bloody Howard Carter.
Yeah. I remember seeing a show about that long ago. They had some ideas about using architecture that symbolizes danger. But they realized that humans are dumb and would be attracted to the odd shapes.

Beware, Saint Leibowitz decries, the demon known as Fallout lives within this chamber.

Imagine this video with that another Nat'l Geographic announcer. "And now the buildings are all CRACKED UP. Hah, WHOOPSIDAISY! Heh, look out below!"

You don't have to. Just watch "Life After People," which is History Channel's version of this. It's basically got CSI:Miami-levels of 'clever' narration.

you can still imagine the world like this, but still have people...just really really lazy people
Caminante Nocturno
Or feral catgirls.

That's right.

your tag-fu is weak!

IN THE YEAR 2525........
When i saw the tags "Earth" "People" i immediately thought, "of New York and California. Earth people i was born on Jupiter."

Also, i rented this documentary from Scarecrow like a month ago.
This guy is one of the NPC's voices in Fallout 3. You are now hearing about the apocalypse in Harkness' voice.
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