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Desc:home movies
Category:Educational, General Station
Tags:driving, 50s, home movies, tunnels, pennsylvania
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Comment count is 13
It's the 50's... these were his grandparents' sex tapes.

Herr Matthias
This fucking road hasn't changed a bit in 56 years
Sure it has. It's crumbled and degraded over time.

And all they've done in the intervening years is repair it over and over again.

I've driven through the Lehigh Tunnel (not shown here) so many times and I'm still impressed by it.
Yeah but your opinion doesn't count, because you are older than the people who took this footage.

Torture the Artist
Menudo con queso
The hands of fate!

I don't know, this is better camera work, and has a more comprehensible story line.

I kept looking for Vault-Tec ads on the sides of the roads.
Robin Kestrel
I too have driven through the Lehigh tunnels* many, many times. Twice a day for three years when I was commuting, now just occasionally on the weekends when I visit my folks.

* a second tunnel was added in the early nineties; the original tunnel (now one-way northbound) is rectangular, while the new tunnel is circular. It is the only road tunnel crossed by the Appalachian Trail.

More trivia: Distance between the Blue Mountain tunnel and the Kittatinny tunnel is only 600 feet.
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