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Desc:Not so much 'evil,' more 'rather neat.'
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:mardi gras, trick photography, tilt shift, syndney, keith loutit
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Comment count is 5
So is tilt shift poised to become the new HDR? And by that I mean something that looks pretty cool the first half dozen times you see it, but then like a month later, the first ten pages of Digg are filled with HDR pictures of old houses, articles about Twitter, and top ten lists like "the top secretly gay 80's cartoons?"
it's the most awesome way to show long, large events quickly imho

could use better music, like every other video on the internet.

no. this guy can continue making videos.

So is tilt shift poised to become the new drawing? Something that looks pretty cool the first time you see it, but then like a month later, it's all drawings of anthropomorphic foxes and horses with three-foot long cocks?

Shut the hell up. It's just another artistic technique. You either use it tastefully and effectively or you don't. The shitty thing is people like you who see something five times and then start saying OH MY GOD HDR HOW GAUCHE. Fuck you.

So you're an HDR photographer, then?

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