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Desc:Let Electricity Week Begin! Suprise ending.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Iraq, electricity, shocking
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Comment count is 20
Dinkin Flicka
I can't tell if my boss just fired me because of the giant, bare tits visible throughout 85% of this video, or because he thinks I'm a homo for what kind of shit he found me watching.

The moral of the story: this needs a "gay" tag and a "nsfw" somewhere on it.
I don't know what's more awful about you: that "shirtless dudes" = "gay" or that "gay" = "nsfw"

It said "British" in the title, what more do you want?

I'm pretty sure that he means all of the pictures of naked women on the walls are what's NSFW, you pud.

"I can't tell if my boss just fired me because...or because he thinks I'm a homo"

I suppose you think we need HETEROSEXUALITY WARNINGS on future videos, too

Dinkin Flicka

There's a "gay" tag on PoE...

And there's a bunch of shirtless dudes electrocuting each other...

I'm totally for a "hetero" tag, I guess?

You're better off not working at a place that treats employees like sheltered children.

Albuquerque Halsey
it's an electric muscle toning machine.

Wonko the Sane
The Platonic ideal of sausage fest
Yup, nothing gay about the army son. This shit will make you a MAN, hoohah.

That was a powerful ending
Our British allies do electrocute themselves for fun but do it to our P.O.W.s and suddenly the whole damn liberal media turns against you.
Worst attempt at trolling ever.

Our soldiers are being electrocuted in showers, and our British allies are doing it to themselves on purpose! And Cena has no problem with any of it.

Cena, you had made so much progress this week and now this. I still have faith in you (belief without evidence), you'll be a productive, good humored poeTV user yet.

I'm good humored. I just also have to point out hypocrisies. I just saw a good opportunity to make people realize that Abu Garib wasn't equal to the holocaust.

Your first comment in no way references or connects to a comparison of Abu Garib and the Holocaust. There really even aren't any parallels to draw in the first place.

See, this is the problem with Cena fans - they're too young to remember things like The Mountie and his Shock Stick.

I had in fact forgotten The Mountie and the shock stick, which basically was a cattle prod.

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