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Desc:Yay electricity. NSFW Language.
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:electricity, red neck, shocking, shock collar
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Comment count is 10
He's only doing this for two packs of cigarettes.
That kid looks underage.

Why the fuck is that worth fewer stars?

Wait wait I think he's crying. Stop... NOWDOITAGAIN!!!!
In grad school, a group of my friends and I got 6 or 7 of these, and we used to strap one onto our legs, then we'd put all the controllers into a bag and we would each pick one out. Then once we'd head to the bar, and start drinking. Eventually as we got sloppy drunk someone would pull out a controller and we'd start shocking each other like crazy. It was always great to do it when someone was pissing, as there's is nothing like a shock on the leg when you are trying to aim at the toilet, or when someone was hitting on a girl. Nothing like a shocked yelp in mid conversation to make a woman know you're a guy worth going home with. I guess what I'm saying is this kid is a little crybaby, they don't hurt that bad, and they can make for some great times.
Wait wait hold up.... you did this while in Grad school? Awesome.

Did you publish these findings?

I like how they keep shocking him once he's on the ground writhing in pain.
that's what kids are for
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